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Mass Effect - Tali'Zorah


Hmmmtesting out this LJ app for ma iPhone. It seems to be working?

So. Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and all that jazz. 2010 was a year I already almost completely forgot lol. I remember starting this History HBO? Which I am still doing, btw, while searching for a study to do after this year.

Other than that; big bluuuurrrrrrrr. Ohwait, I moved to Amsterdam! Bluuuuur.

Have a lovely 2011<3

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Mass Effect - Tali&#39;Zorah

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Hey guys,

most of you probably already saw this, but I wanted to post this here anyway. My brother is doing some kind of challenge for school where he can earn an extra point on his grade. He has to do several assignments and one of them is getting 125 followers on a twitter account before friday. So could you all please follow on twitter? You can delete it again on saturday :3 please follow and please let everyone know about this! Thanks :D

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Christmas cards~!

It's that time of the year again, and, like previous years, this is my ATTEMPT to send out Christmas cards. I'm not promising anything, no drawings, no presents and not even actual cards, because I just started a new job that's keeping me pretty busy... but I do want to try to send out Christmas cards. So for anyone interested in a card, leave me your address in the oh-so screened comments, and you might receive a card from me♥
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Because of some problems with surpasshosting, I'm concidering to drop and either getting a completely new domain (I asked for suggestions not too long ago, might snatch one of those) or getting or ... being poor like I am, I can't really afford a .nu domain, haha. So, suggestions anyone?